President Buhari in a handshake with Senator Bukola Saraki on February 15, 2017

As I had repeatedly said Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu, President Buhari’s spokesmen do not know their job.

They often post pictures of the President on their personal Facebook pages instead of sending them first with their statements. They would issue a statement without pictures, and would if they like, post pictures on their personal Facebook pages.

Their young photographer will take pictures of the President and he will add his name as the photographer rather than State House. He will then post them on his personal Instagram page!

I had repeated these lapses and many others to Tolu Ogunlesi when he was still waiting for confirmation as we sat for hours to discuss. But once in the Villa, he also forgot to correct them.

It happened that with these repeated failures, the President found himself in London, ill.

And so, yesterday after the visit by Saraki and Dogara, they did not send pictures, until after they realised at 12 am that the pictures with leaders of the National Assembly were being shared by millions of people. Those pictures were more than a million words and statements they could have issued.

They finally, reluctantly, issued a statement with only pictures.

Right now, none of them is in London. Everybody is going to see the President except the President spokesmen! And the President’s spokesmen are supposed to speak for the President they have no access to, a President they have not seen.

Right now, all that Nigerians are asking for is a two minute interview with the President. They just want to hear the President say something, but Adesina and Shehu have failed to arrange it.

That two minute broadcast with President saying “like everybody I can fall ill but I will be back immediately after my test” would silence those who have said the President is so sick that he cannot talk.

This is free advice. They can take it if they want or arrogantly reject it.

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