By Simon Ateba/Lagos

After protests and threats of more protests, residents of Davies Street in Ketu area of Lagos got electricity all-night on Tuesday for the first time in about six months, they told TheSimonAtebaNews. It was the same thing on other streets in this area of Lagos visited recently by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

The protests at the office of the electricity distribution company broke out last week following months of excruciating darkness and heat, the organisers told

Following those successful protests, the organisers began sensitising other residents who did not take part. They posted or urged them to post in front of their gates the inscriptions “No Light, No Bill”, “Enough is Enough”, “The Suffering Is Too Much”.

One poster read “It is now unbearable”. Residents threatened to stage more protests.

As those threats spread like wild fire in this middle level area of Nigeria’s most populous city, officials began to provide electricity. And on Tuesday, what had not happened for months there happened. They got electricity all-night.

“It is a surprise, we had electricity from evening to this morning. As I speak to you, there’s still electricity,” an elated resident told TheSimonAtebaNews.

There have been speculations that electricity staff often collect bribes from companies in the area and give them electricity all-night to produce goods while millions are made to sleep in darkness for months.

Ketu is located in Kosofe local government area in Lagos. It is situated between Ojota, known for its legendary traffic snarls and parks, and Mile 12, popular for its market and decades of clashes between Hausa and Yoruba.

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