A Nigerian newspaper said on Friday that President Muhammadu Buhari was planning to return to the country on Saturday but his doctors were not sure he was fit enough to run the country again after a three week medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

Rumours had claimed that Mr. Buhari had died in London or was under intensive care, battling for his life. But the Presidency dismissed them as malicious and mischievous, saying that the President was “hale and hearty”.

But, even after many pictures showing Mr. Buhari alive and with guests were released, Nigerians continued to doubt that the President was fit enough to run the country again. Many urged him to address the nation to disprove the death rumours. The President did none of that and runours continued to spread like wild fire.

On Friday, Sahara Reporters said there was a tug of war between the doctors of President Buhari and his aides. His aides in Nigeria wanted him to return as quickly as possible to avoid losing influence, while his doctors in the United Kingdom were yet to certify him as being fit, the newspaper said.

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