Some Nigerians took to the street on Monday to rail against some things in Nigeria.  TheSimonAtebaNews asks 15 critical questions those protesting should answer to carry everybody along.

Like many others, we try to understand what is the ongoing protest all about.

1- A protest against APC?

2- A protest against President Buhari?

3- A protest against the National Assembly?

4- A protest against bad leadership of President Buhari?

5- A protest against bad leadership by all Nigerian leaders dead or alive?

6- A protest against hardship and poverty in the land?

7- A protest for good governance, accountability?

8- A protest against lack of information on President Buhari’s current state?

9- A comparison between when Jonathan was in power and now?

10- Or is a protest against everything?

11- What are we protesting for or against?

12- Who are we protesting against? Or for?

13- What do we want to achieve? How far are we ready to go?

14- Do we have suggestions?

15- A road-map?

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