A Nigeian singer who vowed to organise protests against President Muhammadu Buhari for his abysmal performance in office has cancelled the protests, he said on Saturday night.Tuface Innocent Idibia had planned to rally peacefully against Mr. Buhari government in the commercial city of Lagos and the capital Abuja.

After police banned the protests, he vowed to continue in a video message. But on Saturday night, he said the protest was about being hijacked by people not aligned with his ideal. He therefore cancelled it and thanked Nigerians for their support.

But even as Tuface was planning to rally against the President, facts as compiled by TheSimonAtebaNews suggest that Mr. Buhari is just partially to blame for the chaos in the land.

Mr. Buhari who identified corruption and Boko Haram as Nigeria’s monsters has been tackling both with ferocity. But the economy failed to meet the expectations of many Nigerians who were used to a fake life.

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