President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari, who extended his medical vacation today after two weeks in the United Kingdom, may be out of the country for many months, a newspaper quoted two presidential sources on Sunday as saying, hours after the President notified the National Assembly that he could no longer return as planned

Online newspaper, Sahara Reporters, quoted Presidential sources as saying that Mr. Buhari would need to undergo a major surgery and he may be out of the country for at least four months for the surgical procedures and myriads of medical issues confronting the aged leader.

“The surgery will entail him staying away from work for at least four months, but members of his kitchen cabinet, afraid of losing their influence and power, have been advising him against staying abroad for such a prolonged treatment,” said one of the sources, according to Sahara Reporters.

Mr.  Buhari left Nigeria on January 19 for medical checks and vacation. He was planned to resume work on February sick. But on Sunday, the Presidency said he had notified the National Assembly that he was unable to return as planned and would need more time to do som e medical checks.

Not long after Mr. Buhari left that rumours began to spread that he had died or was seriously ill. But the Presidency dismissed such reports as fake news.

But with the latest development, many are likely to ask many more questions.

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