Donald Trump
Citizens of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Lybia who are affected by President Donald Trump’s 90-day visa ban will not be allowed to enter the United States even if they hold dual nationality, The Wall Street Journal, WSJ, quoted the U.S. State Department as saying.

The State Department said the 90-day visa moratorium extends beyond just citizens of Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen, but also applies to people who originally hail from those countries but are travelling on a passport issued by another nation.

That means an Iraqi who is also a French citizen would not be allowed to enter the United States even though he is travelling on a French passport.

“Travelers who have nationality or dual nationality of one of these countries will not be permitted for 90 days to enter the United States or be issued an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa,” the State Department statement said.

“Those nationals or dual nationals holding valid immigrant or nonimmigrant visas will not be permitted to enter the United States during this period.  Visa interviews will generally not be scheduled for nationals of these countries during this period”.

WSJ said “some U.S.-bound passengers have been prevented from boarding flights to the U.S. and two people were detained on arrival in New York in the wake of President Trump’s order to ban entry for people from certain Muslim-majority countries”.

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