Wemimo Adewuni, Nigerian Gospel Artiste

Dazzling the airwaves for five years, Wemimo Adewuni has carved a niche for herself as a sound, all rounded, warm and articulate radio presenter. But her music career, spanning  over two decades, is about to become the talk of town. Having mellowed on publicising this part of hers, her music has reached thousands of people.

A lover of God and a deep worshipper, Wemimo is committed to expending her talents to draw more people to God. She makes soul stirring music which she is set to flood the world with. She steps out with this beautiful single- I Adore.

In this exclusive interview with TheSimonAtebaNews, she says she sings for God, and He’s her inspiration.

Tell us about your new single?

This is like an accumulation of everything that has happened to me in the past three decades.  The first line of the single, “A song is more than the words” is an expression of my heart. This is my way of expressing how God has been everything in the past three decades. I am where I am today because of God. I am getting better because of God. I am going to be all that I will be because of God. That’s why the title of the song is “I Adore”.

Is this your first single?

This is the first officially released single.

What does that mean?

I have done a couple of studio recordings years back which I never got to putting out to the public.

You’re known to be an On-Air Personality, when did you start singing?

Without exaggerating, I’ve been singing since I was seven years old and it all started in the Church. And I have remained in the Church. All through my school days, university days, I’ve been known for singing and not even for broadcasting. It’s fair to say that music started long before broadcasting.

So were you born to sing?

Yes, definitely. I think it’s a calling that had to be fulfilled. I’m kind of a multi-talented person. I do well at several things; broadcasting, business, fashion, but music, for me, is a calling, it’s purpose.

Do you sing in English?

Yes, I sing in English and Yoruba, a blend of both. But this single, “I Adore”, is in English.

You talked about Yoruba, where in Yorubaland do you hail from?

Many people say I do not look Yoruba, but I’m from Ekiti state by birth and Oyo state by marriage. I grew up in Ibadan, Oyo state. Actually, I’ve been almost everywhere aside eastern Nigeria. I attended the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ife, Osun state, then travelled to Zamfara state in northern Nigeria for my youth service. I’ve been to other states in the Western part of Nigeria, because of music. I’ve been singing everywhere.

Why did you wait until now to release your first single? What changed?

Well, the Bible says time and chance happen to us all, I guess it is the right time. Everything just fell in place and coincidentally, I’m turning 30, which is a very significant age. Many people had asked over time when this was going to happen? I’ve had worship meetings which I hold in March, one is even coming up next March, but I’ve always shelved the idea. I think I was caught up in live ministration.

How did your background influence who you are today?

I’ve always been a chattered box, the only girl among two boys. Talking and singing had always been there. They were means by which I could express myself. My parents were Christians and my dad is a pastor. We grew up in a church setting, knowing Jesus. We grew up serving in the choir and any other place we could help. Dad and mom also can sing though not officially. One of my brothers plays the instrument. Singing has always been part of our family and it was all about Jesus.

What message are you trying to pass to others with your single?

First, this is an expression of everything that is inside of me. People can see that when God is a part of your life, he makes everything meaningful. The song also leads people to worship God.

Do you play any instrument?

I still kind of hold my dad responsible for not playing any instrument right now because I was supposed to learn the keyboard while my elder brother learnt to play the drums. But through every practice session, I ended up singing either to the keyboard or the drumbeat. Even now that I am older, I’ve tried learning the keyboard several times, but I always end up singing. But it’s surely one of my goals in 2017. It must be done!

Do you intend to go into secular music someday since that’s where the money and the fame seem to be these days?

No. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a Jesus fan all the way. I’m always talking and singing about Jesus and sharing the gospel through my music, so there’s no other way, and I’m by right popular enough even without the secular music. I don’t think you have to sell your message for money. If you follow the right path, you can make money with your music.

It’s 23 years since you’ve been singing, why are you releasing just one little song?

What do you mean by little song? Simon………It’s a full message to people who love God and calling out to others to also love God. Actually, I’ve a book full of self-composed songs but one at a time. Later in 2017, I would be releasing an EP (a musical recording that contains more tracks than a single). From now, there’s no stopping!

When is the release date for “I Adore”, your new single?

It’s Monday 2 January 2017. Everyone should watch out. It would be released online. You will find it on your favourite music stores online. It would be on my YouTube Channel, sound-cloud and Reverbnation. It would also be on Spotify.

Contact Wemimo- Twitter and Instagram: @wemimospot – Facebookpage: Facebook.com/Wemimospot – Email: dewemmix@gmail.com

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